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Electrical Contractors

We know electrical. With over 30 years of combined experience, we've successfully taken on most every type of commercial and residential electrical job in Metro Seattle.

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residential lighting

In addition to in-home troubleshooting and repair, Luminaire provides design and installation in new home spaces, custom remodels, and green upgrades.

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commercial lighting

We know there can be no compromises on time or budget compliance, effective project management and communications, and the safety and quality of work at the install.

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Most recent articles

8 Common Household Problems That Require a Professional Electrician

Posted by on Nov 16, 2016 in Electricians |

Anybody who has ever gone without electricity for a solid amount of time, whether it’s been due to a power outage or a recent move with a late electrical set up, comes to realize exactly how much we use electricity in our daily lives. Whether it’s for a cellphone, computer, microwave, television, or just generally turning on the lights, we greatly feel its absence. You want to make sure that your electricity is always running smoothly in your home, so be sure to call a professional electrician if any one of these common problems happen to you. Flickering Lights: If your lights are flickering, the first thing you should...

What’s the Difference Between an Electrician and a Handyman?

Posted by on Nov 2, 2016 in Electricians |

The average homeowner would have a difficult time telling the difference between a handyman and an electrician. After all, isn’t a handyman someone with expertise that you call when you need help with home repairs or a remodeling project? Doesn’t that mean that an electrician is a handyman with extra knowledge or skills in the particular area of electricity and wiring? While the first answer is yes, the second is a resounding “no.” If you want to know what the real difference is, keep reading, and prepare to be surprised. What’s a Handyman, After All? A handyman is any professional (of any gender, not just men) who perform physical...

How to Tell When It’s Time to Call the Electrician

Posted by on Oct 8, 2016 in Electricians |

Most real estate investors who are trying to repair and then flip homes do their best to keep costs low. No matter how handy you are, there comes a point in any home remodel or expansion project where it makes sense to call in the professionals. This is especially true with regard to safety critical systems, such as the electrical system of an investment property. Don’t gamble with the safety of workers or future inhabitants; call an electrician immediately if you have any of the below issues! Damaged Wires If you know from inspection or your own visual perusal of the property that the wiring is visibly aged or...

Beat the Heat with a Repurposed Garage or Basement!

Posted by on Jul 2, 2016 in Electricians | 0 comments

Summer heat is upon us! Regardless of whether you live in an area that’s humid or dry, the increasing temperatures are sure to increase irritation, create tension in interpersonal relationships, and leave many feeling like they are trapped in their house just to avoid being fried alive. Don’t let the heat get you down! This summer is also the perfect time to turn your unused basement or garage into your dream (hu)man cave, or diva den, a space where you can escape the little irritations of daily life and engage in your favorite pastimes without anyone else interfering! There are some basic ways to begin getting your space ready...

DIY vs. Handyman vs. Electrician: Comparing Your Options

Posted by on Mar 14, 2016 in Electricians | 0 comments

No matter the scale or scope of your home improvement project, there’s always a lingering question left to DIYers: What about the wiring? Electrical work gives many people pause because of the danger involved – and rightfully so. Nearly 50,000 structural fires in 2011 reportedly involved electrical failure or malfunction as a contributing factor to ignition, leading to over 400 deaths and almost 1,500 injuries. Furthermore, the cost of the damage approached $1.5 billion – not a figure to shy away from. Despite these statistics, many Americans feel compelled to fix or build things themselves. It’s a noble, yet sometimes misguided attribute. Before you decide to throw in the...

4 Reasons Why DIY Electrical Work is a Really Bad Idea

Posted by on Feb 28, 2016 in Electricians | 0 comments

Homeowners often get a romantic idea of themselves as weekend warriors: trips to the home improvement store, researching tutorials on YouTube, and rolling up their sleeves to make their dream home a reality. There’s nothing wrong with any of that – that is, until it comes to electricity. DIYers who venture into the electrical world as part of their home improvement projects rarely come away with a positive experience because DIY electrical work is a really bad idea. Here are a few reasons why: It’s Dangerous Number one with a bullet, performing electrical work on your own is downright dangerous. Shoddy work can result in accidental electrocution of yourself...