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Posted by on Nov 25, 2018 in Home Automation, Lighting, Lighting Systems |

Make Your Home the Center for Holiday Cheer with Home Automation

Make Your Home the Center for Holiday Cheer with Home Automation

During the holidays, decking the halls should be fun — not stressful. Upgrading your house with home automation will leave you feeling as jolly as Santa himself, and turn your home into a hub of holiday cheer for friends and family.

Outside Lights

Setting up your house’s exterior holiday lights with home automation to turn on and off at certain times is an easy and helpful task. Whether you want to schedule the lights to turn on at a certain time or for a certain amount of time, or even make them motion-activated, home automation can help you save electricity and keep your house looking merry and bright.

Indoor Lights

Nothing is cozier than a twinkling Christmas tree, stockings hung up over a crackling fireplace, and a warmly lit room. Put your Christmas tree lights on a self-timer to turn off before bed and turn on in the morning to avoid fire hazards and save electricity. You can also synch your lights to automated home keys on your phone, so that when you leave and lock up the house, the tree lights turn off for safety. Create a timer for the lights in each of your rooms as well, scheduling them for certain times or to turn on as someone enters. If you have a gas fireplace, set up a safety pilot system to control the power and the flame height from a remote control or phone application.


Turn up the Christmas cheer by adding elements of music to your holiday home automation plan. Connect your favorite seasonal playlist to your outdoor light schedule so that when your lights turn on, so will the carols. Set your in-wall speakers or other smart home audio systems to play your favorite holiday tunes as you prep dinner in the kitchen or exchange gifts in the living room.

Security Features

Home burglaries and package theft may see a spike in frequency around the holiday season, but there’s no need to go all “Home Alone” and set up dozens of booby traps to feel safe. Instead, install automated locks that you can access and check the status of anywhere from your smartphone — no more wondering if you left the backdoor unlocked or rushing home from work to let in a family member coming to visit. You can even let guests in from the kitchen, so you don’t need to leave any element of the holiday dinner unattended as it cooks. Install a smart video doorbell or security camera system by your front door so you can make sure you’re only letting in people you’re expecting, and discourage potential package thieves from swiping that box of Christmas gifts on your porch.


This holiday season, look into upgrading your home with home automation. Not only will your house be the most dazzling on the block with wondrous self-timed lights and music, but you’ll also be able to relax knowing that your home is safe from electric and security hazards.

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