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Home Automation

Home Audio and Entertainment Systems

Imagine cozy nights at home in an automated home theater. Picture yourself binge watching the next hit series with distributed audio, integrated controls, and a smart home speaker system. Think about preparing for your next holiday party with a smart home audio system filling your home with your favorite sounds of the season.

A Living room with Home Theater SystemLuminaire’s team of experts is here to make your dream living room a reality.

Our home theatre pros in Seattle and on the Eastside specialize in a wide variety smart home audio solutions, home theatre installations, and more. Whether you are hoping to create a new and improved family room, the man cave of your dreams, or install quick and simple upgrades, we can help numerous home audio and entertainment systems.

Our smart home audio systems and home theatre setup options include:

Performance Audio

Our experts will help you find the best AV equipment and help you with top notch AV Installation to insure your systems are installed properly and functioning correctly. We’ll integrate all
aspects of your home entertainment systems so they are easy to use at the press of a button.

Our performance audio solutions include:

  • Distributed audio
  • AV installation
  • Centralized speaker systems that enable sound to play throughout your home or play different music in each room
  • Expert installation and design for maximum sound and minimally obtrusive sound systems
  • Touch screen and integrated controls
  • Easy audio and video streaming, even on different devices throughout your home

Home Theater Setup

From basic upgrades to your television and sound to installation of high performance smart home theatres, our experts will help you create your optimal entertainment systems. Whether you’re hoping to streamline your streaming systems, integrate your entertainment systems, or create your very own Garage Mahal, we can equip your home with a wide variety of solutions including:

  • Projection and theatre rooms
  • Multiple speaker and screen options
  • Integrated entertainment systems with easy-to-use control panels
  • Top quality image and audio systems

Lighting Control and Shades

Home with built in audio systemWhether you’re keeping out summer sun or brightening up your home in the winter, lighting control and shading can have a big impact on your home’s interior lighting. Our team can connect your home’s lighting systems through simple apps and local keypads customized for your home. With this technology you can control all of your lighting and shades in one device that’s easy-to-use for even the most technology un-inclined. With these systems in place, you’ll have the best of both worlds: you’ll never have to walk into a dark home and you’ll never need to worry about wasting electricity from leaving the lights on.

When you choose Luminaire for your lighting control systems, you’ll benefit from:

  • Holistic lighting and shade control throughout your home.
  • Timed lighting systems set to turn on when you need them and turn off when you don’t.
  • Our team of electricians and audio visual installers, making us a one stop shop for automation installation and electrical needs.
  • Easy to use integrated remote control systems to control all automated aspects of your home.

Networks and Control Systems

In order to benefit from the high levels of functionality that come with controlling various aspects of your home into one place, they need to be installed properly. When you automate your home, you’ll benefit from seamless integration of entertainment systems, heating and cooling, lighting displays, and a number of other features.

If you are interested in adding state-of-the-art automated features to your home but are worried about complicated systems and remotes piling up around your house, have no fear. Our Seattle home automation experts will configure your systems to integrate seamlessly using an intuitive remote that will enable you to control all of your home’s features in one place.

Our network and control systems include:

  • Network configuration to get all smart home features up and running.
  • Smart home feature control simple keypads and handheld remotes creating a simple control system compatible with smartphones, tablets, or other intuitive remote systems.
  • Input automatic settings so your home’s shades, heating and cooling, and a number of other features turn on and off at specific times during the day.