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The Garage Mahal – Create An Awesome Man Cave

The Garage Mahal – Create An Awesome Man Cave

Have you always dreamed of that cozy man cave but lacked the extra room in your house? Look no further than your garage. That’s right, the space you park cars and store tools has the potential to be so much more. Luminaire can transform your garage into an extension of your home. Our automated home services work equally as well in the garage, so you no longer have to think of it as dead space. Here are some steps you can take to create your very own Garage Mahal man cave:

Have a Garage Sale

First thing’s first, make some room! It’s time to stop putting it off and finally clear out those piled-up boxes. Your garage has much more potential than a dump for your junk.

Create Your Area

You can designate a hangout area while still leaving plenty of room for necessary garage duties, such as parking your car and storing outdoor items. Find a chunk of space that you can remodel while still utilizing garage space.

Install proper lighting

At Luminaire, our qualified electricians provide you with complete fixture installation. We can help you decide what type of lighting design is right for your space so that your garage no longer feels like a dark, cave-like place.

Mount an automation system

Escaping to your garage shouldn’t mean cutting yourself off from civilization. Installing a wall-mounted touchscreen for home control means you’re still in control of your smart home automation system, even from the garage. Dim the lights or play some music with the touch of a button.

Let us do the rest!

Luminaire installation specialists and qualified designers can help you transform your garage to an extension of your home with our smart home automated system. Features relevant to your new-and-improved garage include fully connected audio/video/internet, built-in speakers, equipment rack for media center, volume control, wall-mounted TV, lighting, climate control, and house communications. Enjoy all the amenities of your smart house while tinkering around in the garage.

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