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Electrician & Electrical Services for the Average Homeowner

Electrician & Electrical Services for the Average Homeowner

So you just bought a house—and you’re ready turn it into a home. Or maybe you’ve owned a house for a while, and it’s just time for some updates. There is a long list of reasons that you might need an electrical service change—and an even longer list of reasons why you should hire one as awesome as Luminaire.

For the new home owner, whether you bought an existing house that needs work, or you’re building your own home from the ground up, we can provide complete electrical service change, installations & renovations. That means we can bring your fixer-upper up to code, or start from scratch and wire the whole shebang. We’re also pros at helping you design a system that utilizes the best technology for saving energy & reducing your carbon footprint.

For the renovators, flippers, and “uh, we should probably fix that”-ers, we can help you with any degree of work, ranging from the big & thorough renovations to the smaller general repairs & maintenance. If you’re looking for an overhaul of the luminance of your space, we can help you with the lighting design, and the installation of your chosen fixtures.

And for the modern home, we can help build out computer rooms, and install smart home products and wiring. That means that we can help you take your home from the past into the present with automated & controllable lighting, communications & entertainment, climate control, and other new-fangled (and awesome) amenities.

If you’re looking for forward-thinking expert electricians, look no further. Give Luminaire a call for installations, repairs, new builds, renovations & any other electrician need you may have. We may still be waiting for flying cars & hover boards, but you don’t have to wait for the best electrical systems in your home!

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