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Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Electricians, Lighting, Lighting Systems | 0 comments

4 Reasons to Hire Professional Lighting Designers

4 Reasons to Hire Professional Lighting Designers

Whether you’re looking to create a one-of-a-kind beautiful workspace, or your dream home, how the lighting looks, works, and consumes energy can affect you for years to come. Lighting design decisions are often more intricate and complicated than expected—and hiring a lighting designer can help alleviate the stress, effects of poor design down the road, and financial burden that over-consuming systems & poor quality lighting products can create in the future. When you’re getting ready to create or renovate a space, consult professionals (Pick us! Pick us!) to help you achieve outstanding, long lasting, environmentally responsible, and fiscally feasible results. Here are a few reasons why you might want to hire professional help for your upcoming lighting design project:


And when we say, “we know light” we don’t just mean we know the difference between incandescent, fluorescent, and natural lighting. We mean we’ve studied the intricacies of how light plays on different surfaces, how it interacts with natural light in the space (at different times of the day and different seasons), how different colors of lights affect sight & energy, and more. We work with it every day—and we know it light the backs of our hands (that we can only actually see because they reflect different wavelengths of lightwaves).


It’s one thing to talk to the lighting “expert” at your local chain home improvement store—it’s another thing to hire someone who has devoted their life & career to keeping abreast on current lighting technology & trends. Like a newscaster knows current events, we know lighting products. We can help you select the best quality fixtures & the right bulbs that fit your needs & price point.


This is what we do. We know where you should splurge and where you should skimp. We spend our days taking your ideas & dreams and turning them into on-budget realities that will literally light up your lives. At the end of the day, we can actually save you a big chunk of green in a few areas like how much you spend on electricity in the future, and needing to work retroactively (read: expensively) on your project to accommodate unforeseen lighting needs.


One big advantage to hiring lighting designers is that we’re sticklers to proper wiring, good drywalling, and quality finished work from contractors. Why? Because it effects both of us. With lighting & electrical designers involved from stage 1 of the design process, we advocate for quality work that looks good under the lighting we install—works well with the wiring & other needs that lighting has—and is done right the first time.

Let us be your Debby Boone. We’ll light up your life.

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