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Posted by on Apr 26, 2017 in Home Automation |

Where to Start With Home Automation

Where to Start With Home Automation

“Home automation” is a buzzword we hear a lot these days. From lights that come on when you snap your fingers to energy saving climate control solutions, home automation technology is a great way to upgrade your home, lower your electricity bill, and make your life a whole lot easier. If you’re interested in learning more about smart home technology or aren’t sure where to begin, here are a few things to know and tips to getting started with home automation. What is home automation? First things first, before you can implement home automation, you need to know what it is. Essentially, home automation means connecting control of electronic household features and appliances.  This can include any locks and gates, appliances, climate control systems, lighting and more. While this technology used to be thought of as a super advanced thing of the future, these days nearly 30 percent of homes have some form of smart home technology. Where can it be implemented? Home automation can be implemented anywhere in...

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