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Posted by on Oct 8, 2016 in Electricians |

How to Tell When It’s Time to Call the Electrician

Most real estate investors who are trying to repair and then flip homes do their best to keep costs low. No matter how handy you are, there comes a point in any home remodel or expansion project where it makes sense to call in the professionals. This is especially true with regard to safety critical systems, such as the electrical system of an investment property. Don’t gamble with the safety of workers or future inhabitants; call an electrician immediately if you have any of the below issues! Damaged Wires If you know from inspection or your own visual perusal of the property that the wiring is visibly aged or damaged, it’s time to call an electrician in to bring things up to code before it gets worse. Buzzing, Sparking, Flickering, or Hot Plates/Outlets If there is buzzing, sparking, or flickering coming from your lights, outlets, or wiring, you need professional help as soon as possible. All of these issues are sure signs of severe damage to the electrical system....

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