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Posted by on Mar 14, 2016 in Electricians | 0 comments

DIY vs. Handyman vs. Electrician: Comparing Your Options

DIY vs. Handyman vs. Electrician: Comparing Your Options

No matter the scale or scope of your home improvement project, there’s always a lingering question left to DIYers: What about the wiring? Electrical work gives many people pause because of the danger involved – and rightfully so. Nearly 50,000 structural fires in 2011 reportedly involved electrical failure or malfunction as a contributing factor to ignition, leading to over 400 deaths and almost 1,500 injuries. Furthermore, the cost of the damage approached $1.5 billion – not a figure to shy away from. Despite these statistics, many Americans feel compelled to fix or build things themselves. It’s a noble, yet sometimes misguided attribute. Before you decide to throw in the towel and call an electrician, consider you options among the following: DIY A successful electrical project involves more than a “can-do” attitude. Begin by researching the steps involved in getting the project off the ground. What equipment will you need? Does the project require any specialized tools? Will the project require adherence to municipal building and electrical codes? Once you’ve...

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