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Posted by on Mar 4, 2014 in Electricians, Home Automation | 0 comments

Home Automation: The Perks & Benefits of Going Auto

Home Automation: The Perks & Benefits of Going Auto

While some amenities of the Tony Stark’s cinematic home are still out of reach for the average home owner—like Jarvis , the holographic monitors on which we can toss graphics from one section to another, and an Iron Man suit that Jarvis helps us don—some things, like some serious home automation, is well within reach. Smart Home Automation brings your living space into the 21st century and creates an integrated network of rooms and systems that allow you to control nearly every aspect of your environment. The perks & benefits range from the money saving & environmental benefits to the just plain fun & über convenient perks that’ll make you feel like Tony Stark… and impress your guests. Here are just SOME of our favorite perks & benefits: Save some green on electricity with smart home automation. The monitoring & ability to control a variety of systems remotely helps you & your home know when to shut off unused features or switch something into an energy saving mode. Components...

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